Emotion arises as light reveals the intimate beauty of the environment with a contre-jour, a reflection, a mere shadow.
The simplest scenes are sublimated, creating a poetic echo, striking a chord.


I am a fine art photographer, born in Caen in 1963. I shoot mostly in black and white and have exhibited my work for several years, either individually or in group exhibitions.

In the quiet atmosphere of a darkroom, I took my first steps in the magical world of photography. In the seventies, I discovered the art of processing and printing and taught myself its techniques. The countless hours that I spent in the darkroom were decisive for my later career. I have ever since favoured this technique in my work and consider it an essential part of the creative process.

My passion became my job in 2003, when I left the world of industry and design to become a freelance photographer. Normandy became my favourite photographic subject and an endless source of inspiration, with its light, its atmosphere and its history. In parallel, photo orders and reportage work confirmed my professional inclinations and black and white photography became the obvious medium for my work, most in tune with my vision.

In 2010, I opened the gallery “Le Temps Suspendu” in Bayeux, where I now present a selection of my photographs of Normandy, taken over the last 20 years.

The following year, fascinated by the wet collodion process, I started to offer my customers the use of this ancestral technique when taking their portraits. Against all odds, while digital retouching has become the norm, success was immediate.

Finally, in 2013, I turned my knowledge to good account by launching a range of pinhole cameras and accessories for alternative photography.