Your portrait on glass plate

Rediscover the charm of 19th Century photography

Wet collodion is a photographic process invented in 1851.  We are often captivated by old photographs, by the density of an ancestor’s portrait, captured in times when photography was reserved for special occasions. I will take your portrait, using this ancestral technique, in the same conditions and with the same photographic equipment as was used at the time.

A timeless experience !

The wet collodion process involves coating a glass plate with a photosensitive emulsion made of collodion and silver salts. The plate is then place in a frame and onto a large format view camera. Developing is done immediately after the plate has been exposed to the subject and the picture appears within seconds. The result is an ambrotype, a singular copy which cannot be reproduced; the glass plate itself constitutes the photograph.
Portrait sessions take place in the studio-gallery “Le temps Suspendu” in Bayeux, no appointment needed. Sessions last about 45 minutes for an individual portrait.

Prices from 60 Euros